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Here are a few examples of what some of our clients have to say about the value they gain from Green Street's CRE intelligence and analytics.

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Real Estate Company

Bruce Choate
Director & Board Member
Watson Land Company

"There is no other comparable product or firm out there that I am aware of.
I have been on the board of a major public REIT during its IPO and merger with another public REIT, and served on the board for 22 years, so I feel like my perspective has some merit.
With Green Street’s insights we are able to make better strategic business decisions, which has helped our business’ success quite extensively."

Private Equity

Zeb Bradford
Chief Investment Officer

“The combination of Green Street’s high-quality sector and market analysis, market rankings, and weekly dose of Real Estate Alert is unique and unbeatable. Green Street’s data and research have been exceptionally informative for our quarterly updates to our parent company and clients on the state of the U.S. real estate market.”

Real Estate Company

Nigel Allsopp
Director - Head of Investment Strategy and Research
Greystar Europe

“Their research methodology is always thoughtful, and their public market research offers valuable insight for private markets. Green Street’s research and data help us identify investment themes and quantify investment risks. The recent research notes on ESG have helped us quantify associated investment risks for what is becoming an increasingly important topic.”

Real Estate Company

Thomas Nealon
Managing Director - Investments
KORE Investments LLC

“I use Green Street’s Market Data to compare market fundamentals, validate, and stress test our effective rent growth and cap rate assumptions. 
I find other industry platforms claim to provide research, but really, they just compile datasets. 
Green Street’s research provides real insights, not just data.”

Real Estate Company

Larry Allbaugh
Chief Executive Officer
Buzz Oates

“Green Street’s research platform provides a level of consolidated data and analysis that’s just not available elsewhere. The services and resources you’ll receive as a result are markedly superior to, and more detailed than, those provided by other market competitors. We specifically appreciate the Macro and Sector Research, as well as the Market Data & Deals Analysis.”

Private Equity

Chris Conlon
Chief Executive Officer

“For anyone on the fence, I would say that you need it, and you should find a way to engage with it. Green Street’s services will pay for itself very quickly. I watched the team get excited about Green Street’s insights as they were able to obtain sector specific data to help build out a robust investment strategy.”

Real Estate Company

Mitch Ritschel
Chief Investment Officer
Kisco Senior Living

"There is no substitute to the research, news, and data & analytics tools available via Green Street. Their in-depth research & analysis and the viewpoints that result from Green Street’s insights help inform our decision makers when developing and setting strategic plans and objectives. For not just next year, but years to come.”


Greg Rawlins
Chief Executive Officer

“We switched to Green Street as their proposition was simply the best value for money. The depth, quality, and accuracy of their Research is unmatched – internationally. Green Street’s Research and Data is complementary to our investment process. We use their macro reports for signals to alert and inform us of where we should be directing our attention.”

Real Estate Company

Sal Iacono
Executive VP, Operations
Cadillac Fairview

“As EVP Operations for the largest class A enclosed shopping center and CBD office owner/operator in Canada, I can confidently recommend Green Street's timely insight and reports as important references that definitely help us in running our business.”

Private Equity

William Combs
Valuation Manager

“Green Street’s Sales Comps exports, including Green Street’s submarket details and average cap rates, are a nice distinguishing factor that I don’t recall the competition including. I like Green Street’s platform over other industry providers as it’s very user-friendly and has a good balance of detail for filtering.  I found other industry providers' interfaces required more user input to get what I wanted.”

Hedge Fund

Walter Stack
Monarch Alternative Capital

“Green Street has enabled us to search for comparables in a much faster manner and provides another data set for recent transaction information besides other service providers and broker reports. Green Street’s willingness to provide API links to underlying data used in its reports have been very additive & major time savers.”


Ryan Cloete
Global Portfolio Manger
Catalyst Fund Managers

“Green Street delivers great in-depth research and expertise in the underlying real estate assets that the listed PropCo’s invest in. I would encourage anyone considering Green Street to purchase a subscription, as Green Street imparts the best Sell-Side real estate research on the street.”

Law Firm

Ettore Santucci

“Green Street provides the broadest, deepest, and best research on the REIT sector globally. As a lawyer I arguably don’t *need* Green Street’s research, but I know that it makes me better. The reputation of Green Street research for unbiased analytics is its crown jewel.”


Roberto Fraticelli
Chief Financial Officer
Eurocommercial Properties

“Green Street is top-notch. They really take a 360-degree look at the industries and perform an in-depth analysis of the market. Green Street’s reports are not only accurate but also offer a great helicopter view on the topics they analyze. I find using Green Street’s insights as a sounding board really helps our business during strategy development.”

Pension Fund

Leender Massier
Senior Portfolio Manager
Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors

“Green Street’s expertise in both the public and private market is an excellent match for our integrated real estate approach. Their price series more boldly reflect where buyers and sellers are actually negotiating, also adjusting for deals that fall through, allowing us to adopt a more pro-active, forward-looking approach to portfolio management.”


Lukas Hartwich*
Senior Vice President, Finance
Sabra Health

“I highly value and enjoy reading Green Street’s research reports and REIT data, as they help me keep up with what’s going on in the broader real estate world as well as the latest trends. What I find differentiates Green Street from other industry providers is its greater reliability as a high-quality research source. There are other good sources for research or data in certain areas, but most other firms aren’t as consistently high-quality.”

Real Estate Company

Gareth Williams
Partner & H/O of Real Estate Finance 

“I would recommend React News, as it is the best source for real-time news on property transactions for both investment and lending. React News has helped me overcome the ability to gain transaction information in an easy- to-digest format. I also really value React News’ opinion pieces, where experts provide their views on the market.”


Portfolio Manager
Global Investment Management Subsidiary

"Green Street’s ability to leverage their data and provide deep insights into how the real estate capital markets are connected is what makes it my most used source of information. I often dive into Green Street’s reports daily, or at least weekly, to understand market trends, players, and emerging risks and opportunities.”

Real Estate Company

Joseph Rooney
Investment Analyst

“React News is generally the first to break the news that matters to me and is very well informed, so I can trust the credibility of the facts reported. I read the daily updates religiously and use the news flagged within them to trigger deeper research projects on relevant items.”


Consultancy Company

“I use Green Street’s Sales Comps for a couple of purposes: to help me find sales comparables when I am engaged with a valuation project, and as part of our sales comparison approach, as their data helps me find comparable properties that I can tie my value to.”

Fixed Income / CMBS

Global Investment Advisory Firm

"Green Street’s ability to leverage their data and provide deep insights into how the real estate capital markets are connected is what makes it my most used source of information. I often dive into Green Street’s reports daily, or at least weekly, to understand market trends, players, and emerging risks and opportunities.”

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