Custom analytics and reporting for single-assets and portfolios

Access Green Street’s suite of custom analytics for your commercial property and loan portfolios to help guide capital allocation decisions. Quickly assess market positioning, asset valuations, and risk exposures through two easy-to-use tools: Portfolio Analytics and Automated Valuation Model*.

Portfolio Analytics

Custom reports that deliver Green Street analysis on your portfolio. Leverage Green Street’s AVM to  value your portfolio and individual assets: Get Demo

Key Features:

  • Quickly evaluate asset, sector, and market positioning with proprietary grades

  • Access detailed location metrics and compare against public REIT portfolios

  • Leverage Green Street’s AVM to value your portfolio and individual assets, based on three, recognized and fully transparent valuation approaches, enhanced by machine learning (Request AVM White Paper): Value Extrapolation | NOI Capitalization | SmartCompsTM

  • View custom forecasts for portfolio value under various economic scenarios**

Computer Image.
AVM Dial

Green Street's AVM*

Value Extrapolation:
Using Green Street's proprietary CPPIs

NOI Capitalization:
Using Green Street's proprietary cap rate estimates

Using Green Street's proprietary transaction comp algorithm cap rate estimates

*Patent Pending

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**The Green Street Forecasting tool is an estimation of future events based on market trends in historical data that have proved to provide actionable insights during past market cycles.
Green Street makes no representations or warranties as to any future performance of such metrics under any market cycles.